from robin a.

My name is Robin A., and I am writing this because for my entire life (60 years) I have been about as anti-massage as is possible. I didn’t want anyone to touch me. I didn’t want to disrobe. The whole thing repelled me. Then old age and MS brought me to a point where I needed help. The mainstream medical folks offered me drugs or cortisone injections, but I refused to believe they would help. I wanted to find a less invasive treatment.

I knew Kristen Boehm from square dancing. She had come to dances and offered massage. I never participated. But she invited me to her graduation from the East-West Healing Arts Institute, where she wanted to show off her square dancing skills. Kristen is a down-to-earth and deeply caring person. I had watched her massage the hands of a dancer in a wheelchair.

I talked with Kristen and explained that an MS doctor who I had seen a long time ago treated people with ultrasound acupressure, and asked if she knew anything about acupressure. She was eager to learn more about specific acupressure for people with MS and willing to work within my restrictions (I get to keep my clothes on).

I have been receiving twice-weekly massages for about three months now, and I see a little improvement each time. I can walk up the stairs after treatment without holding the handrail and hauling myself up. I can lift my affected leg an inch higher. My shoulders are more level. And I enjoy the time with Kris, who has a zany sense of humor, a great willingness to learn more ways to help me, a huge heart, and great hands.

I highly recommend Universe Soul Massage. Kris is knowledgeable, flexible, and really want to help people.